Custom Magento Development

We offer end-to-end Magento development services, customization, consulting, maintenance & support. NEKLO as a Magento development company helps clients get easy-to-operate websites with user-centric, dynamic designs.

We will turn your idea into a showy Magento custom development solution and make it drive value for your established workflows.

What do Clients Get with Our Magento eCommerce Services?

Magento ecommerce website development is dynamically gaining popularity among ecommerce business owners. They rely on Magento as a platform that allows for the creation of online stores with wide, almost unlimited features.

Each Magento web developer at NEKLO learns and works to help create a solution with an intuitive network of web resources with centralized and convenient management.

Global eCommerce Development in Our Insight

We have delivered more than 50 Magento solutions to worldwide clients and have never been stopping by offering just the default functionality of the platform.

As a top Magento ecommerce development company, not only do we provide our clients with competitive Magento ecommerce solutions, but also build Magento extensions, learn industry trends, and regularly investigate technological advancements.


Magento-based websites worldwide

More than a quarter of a million online merchants have selected Magento companies to cooperate with, build reliable and powerful web stores, and run their ecommerce activities.


is Magento’s share in the TOP 10,000 web stores

In 2021, the best Magento websites are among the leading web stores with the heaviest traffic. The data regarding the number of Magento users go up from year to year.


ecommerce sales are made through Magento globally

A quality Magento ecommerce solution brings stable revenue to its owner. Famous examples are the top brands such as Nike, Ford, Coca-Cola, Samsung as they once gave their preference to Magento.


is the Magento 2 version website average speed increase

Online merchants that have opted for Magento web development and relied on its latest version generally report a three-time increase in their website speed.

Expertise in Magento Web Development

Magento web development is our know-how. Website building for ecommerce, Magento web design and Magento module development projects are the most-liked for NEKLO.

  • Magento Migration & Upgrade

  • Custom Magento Development

  • Magento Support & Maintenance

  • Magento Website Design Services

  • Augmented Team Partner

Here’s Our Magento Project Workflow

Magento web developers of NEKLO stick to your priorities to help achieve what’s needed. As a Magento web development company, we follow a 5-step workflow.


Project Discovery and Planning

  • Requirements gathering, project evaluation, estimation;
  • Ideation, R&D, business case and architecture presentation;
  • Product roadmap and monetization strategy development.

MVP and Look & Feel Design

  • In-app user flow and interaction prototyping;
  • Creating human-centered UI designs;
  • Building PoC or MVP to check your idea’s feasibility.

Software Development

  • High-load back-end and low-latency front-end building;
  • Providing required API gateway features and data encryption;
  • Project analysis, code review, sanity-checks.

Quality Assurance

  • Functional and usability tests both automated and manual;
  • Crash tracking and software quality standard compliance check;
  • Ensuring the required platform and popular browser support.

Launch and Support

  • Defining software go-to-market and release strategy;
  • Delivering patches, post-launch support upon your request;
  • Making analytics-driven feature updates, optimization.

Industries and Clients We Build Online Stores For

Here’re the industries and clients NEKLO launches Magento store development projects with. Our team of Magento ecommerce developers provides Magento website design and helps different business niches worldwide.

Retail & Ecommerce

Engaging and intuitive software applications for online stores and digital retail business.

Tech Leaders

We help software engineers and technology experts to meet their outcomes.


Custom enterprise software development services with advanced analytics and support.

Energy & Transportation

Smart software solutions for logistics and transport management systems.

Healthcare Providers

Reliable software development solutions and platforms to support the medical industry.

Marketing & Advertising

Data-driven, business intelligence applications and software for MarTech products.


Taking quality control and security of broadcasting and connectivity to new standards.


Competitive, large-scale implementations to help create the cities of tomorrow.

Fintech & Banking

Robust software and apps that help satisfy customer and business modern financial needs.

Ecommerce Stores We Develop

eCommerce is our strongest side. NEKLO has been developing custom software solutions focusing on ecommerce for quite a while now. So if you represent any of the following business niches, our software outsourcing teams will be highly interested to learn about your case and start a turnkey ecommerce project.

Apparel and Accessories

Companies offering clothes from underwear to outerwear, sportswear, jeanswear, and knits.

Grocery and Food Delivery

Groceries and delivery services that bring food and drinks right to your doorstep.

Bakery and Pastry

Shops that offer a wide range of products such as bread, cakes, and candies.

Home Appliances and Electronics

Providers manufacturing products to cater for the needs of modern homes.

Home and Decor

Stores selling a variety of home decor, textiles, and kitchen appliances.

Gardening and Landscaping

Garden decor product sellers, custom-designed souvenir shops.

Office and Home Furniture

Workstations and desks, meeting tables, chairs, sofas, storage, and stationery.

Lumber and Building Materials

Sellers of coatings, slabs, concrete, and other products for manufacturing.

Car Parts and Accessories

Retailers selling tools for vehicles, rubber mats, roof racks, car sunshades.

Online Pharmacy

Stores providing medicines, beauty products, health products, and equipment.

Gifts and Decorations

Those selling seasonal gift sets, sentimental and inspirational gifts, handmade stuff.

Pet Supplements and Supplies

Stores selling pet foods, supplies, toys, grooming care items, and other pet-related stuff.

Read Our Featured Success Cases

We’ve completed over 40 ecommerce software outsourcing projects, over 50 Magento projects, and earned experience in a big number of other industry initiatives. View our selected project cases that have shaped us as adepts in offshore software development.

What Else Our Magento Web Development Company Can Offer?

The following points will tell you more about the scope of Magento development expertise that we have accumulated. Opt for these complementary Magento ecommerce development services to knock your competitors out.

Magento theme customization

As part of our Magento customization services, we render a complete range of custom Magento theme development, including such options as Magento 2 theme customization, themes made from scratch, and through using the Magento Blank theme. Just have a single point of contact with us to start your project straightforwardly.

Custom Magento functionality

Along with Magento customization, we can optimize your website and expand its functionality through custom features. No matter your business niche or industry domain, as an ecommerce solution company we can help personalize your customer’s experience, launch a loyalty campaign, and much more.

Custom extension development

NEKLO is a Magento extension development company that can help to improve your web store’s conversion rates and strengthen your business identity. As a custom ecommerce website development company, we have created over 60 Magento extensions and Magento websites with unique functionality and features.

Magento support & maintenance

We can provide reactive emergency support for resolving all kinds of bugs, challenges, and issues. Additionally, as proactive Magento experts, we will help you to install the latest security patches and everything in between. Learn more about the service.

Magento PWA development

Websites that we develop using PWA technology give our clients a free hand in winning a wider customer pool. Magento PWA looks and feels like a native mobile app that is cross-browser compatible and equally works on all the popular platforms.

Custom Magento integration

As part of our Magento customization services, we render custom Magento theme development and feature pack creation. Whether it’s the work of your website as a whole that you want to customize or just its certain functionality, team NEKLO can help you achieve this.

Project Budgeting

For our customers, we offer both bundled rate plans and individual rate plans for each separate software service. The bundled rates are set for each NEKLO developer and include the costs for ¼ time of a QA engineer, a DevOps specialist, and a Project Manager. A bundled rate is preferable if you are opting for a combination of our services or our all-inclusive services.

Extension Development for Magento

Our Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions and ecommerce solutions will become your easiest way for eсommerce store optimization. You can outsource software development to us or purchase a ready-made Magento extension at NEKLO Store.

Making IT Software Services Proactive

What makes us different?

Well, advanced project and software development group management, agile software development as a service, and creative vision to name a few. We like it to help achieve digital acceleration through application development service outsourcing.

No matter the custom application development services you need, by choosing NEKLO, you choose to work with smart people of a reliable software developers company with solid brand identity, and ethos.

Click the video to realize the way NEKLO delivers as a software developer company.

Why Our Magento Design Company Is What You Need?

As a Magento company, NEKLO brings together top Magento developers, Magento website designers, industry researchers and analysts accelerating and improving ecommerce.

Trustworthy partner

Magento website developers at NEKLO use industry-leading project management software so that you can have access to the entire progress of your Magento website development project.

Flexible workflows

We can handle tasks of high complexity and big size, deliver quality Magento web development services in short time frames, and handle additional requirements..

Professional crew

We are one of the leading Magento companies with a team of over 40 talented Magento developers equipped with practical knowledge of Magento technology and over a decade of experience spanning a wide range of ecommerce projects.

Focus on long-lasting bonds

We believe we have the best Magento developers as we are willing not only to continuously deliver software and provide high-quality Magento web services, but also to sustain partnerships with clients, impress them, and provide technical support during the post-production period.

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