[July 2021] Oracle ATG vs Hybris vs Magento: What to Choose?

Dasha Korsik

Content Team Lead

hybris vs magento

Free ecommerce solutions have always had more fans than paid engines. However, in the world of ecommerce, as well as in any other industry, there are premium segment products. Premium producs should be invested in only after careful analysis of your business needs and requirements. Moreover, we believe a business should have achieved a certain level of profitability before purchasing a premium product for their ecommerce activity.

NEKLO writers with the help of our ecommerce specialists and Magento developers have prepared this B2B open source ecommerce software comparison so that you can choose the best fit for your online store. We want you to understand that each provider in this ecommerce platforms list has its own upsides and downsides. It depends on your specific business requirements which of these top enterprise ecommerce platforms will be a match, a suitable platform for your website development and growth.

First, try to answer the following questions:

  • Are you running a B2B or B2C company?
  • What is your budget spent on your ecommerce website?
  • An ecommerce development company or in-house developer, which one will you choose?

Having answered these questions, keep on reading as we are going to help you comprehend the highlights of the three following top enterprise ecommerce platforms:

  • Oracle ATG e-commerce platform;
  • SAP Hybris commerce cloud;
  • Magento cloud ecommerce platform.

Our open source ecommerce software comparison is based on the platforms’ top features, B2B functionality, development costs, and others.

Here we go.

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Oracle ATG vs Hybris vs Magento eCommerce Software Comparison

Have a look at the chart below. It demonstrates the most popular e-commerce software as of 2021. You can see that Magento is a third popular ecommerce platform with 10% of the Top 1 Million sites. That is because Magento powers some of the world’s biggest companies such as Helly Hansen, Monin, Aldo, Burger King, and Celtic FC. Numerous smaller brands also choose Magento to build their web stores.

top ecommerce platforms by traffic

At the same time, others look nowhere but SAP Hybris pricing and Oracle ATG e-commerce. They are much less popular then Magento. How to invest properly and not to be mistaken with the choice? Below we will describe each cloud ecommerce platform from the above-mentioned ecommerce platforms list for the enterprise segment, give a brief overview of what is Oracle ATG Commerce, what is Hybris and what are the peculiarities of the Hybris ecommerce platform.

First in our ecommerce software comparison goes Magento, the ecommerce platform NEKLO is specializing in.