Custom Technologies and Approach

With the robust mobile and web development tools in our technology stack, we establish efficient software architecture. We help our clients determine the best development tools for their given project. Besides, we have experts working specifically on Magento ecommerce development.

Need a technology partner and advisor? Search no more. NEKLO will have you covered.

Custom Software Development for Any Business

A custom stack of technologies makes software solutions capable of handling the high load, multiple requests, and provides consistent API for all of the components.

Team NEKLO starts any new project from the selection of the technologies and appropriate toolset able to help us deliver what matches your business objectives.

Custom Magento Development for eCommerce

Custom Magento development is one of our core areas of expertise. We deliver feature-rich and interactive solutions for the ecommerce industry.

In addition, NEKLO provides its global clients with custom Magento theme development services to help make every online store unique and pleasant to use.


Within the frameworks of backend development, team NEKLO implements most of the solution’s business logic. In particular cases, clients turn to us as a PHP development company and an expert in custom backend integrations with various systems.

As a PHP application development company, we provide global standard custom PHP development services, PHP-based CMS solutions, and integrations.

With the Laravel open-source framework which is a part of the PHP development environment, we can create scalable and flexible websites. Laravel offers a rich set of functionalities.

We build software solutions on a cross-platform PHP framework, the Symfony framework. We apply Symfony for ecommerce development. NEKLO can definitely be referred to as a PHP web development company.

We can cooperate with you as a Java development company. Through expert advisory and Java development services, NEKLO helps clients acquire a high-performing Java software solution.

NEKLO has a skilled team of Node.js developers who deliver full-featured software solutions. Essentially, the technology helps configure the operations on the server side and handle a large number of requests.


To optimize the frontend of your software solution and leverage its usability, NEKLO frontend developers join forces with our marketers and SEO specialists. Below is the core tech our custom software and Magento web development company uses.

React helps make the UI flexible while preserving the solution’s complex logic. Using React, we develop ecommerce websites, PWA apps, frontend for CRM systems, and more.

The Vue.js framework with its big number of libraries and open-source tools offers plenty of opportunities in terms of design. Vue.js contributes to making the UI engaging.

Angular’s open-source code is well-applied for both large-scale projects and small websites and web apps. Angular development solutions run on a wide range of platforms.


Cooperating with NEKLO as a custom software and Magento development agency, clients are increasingly opting for custom mobile solutions along with web-based options. We always see the business needs behind the list of requirements and features.

Native mobile app development using Swift helps leverage all the native iOS platform features to the max. Built specifically for iOS development, Swift is key in our tech stack.


Using Kotlin, we develop convenient mobile apps for Android. Kotlin is leading our Android development tech stack. However, often clients choose us as a Java software company too..

Stick to React Native for mobile development when you need to have an app running equally on iOS and Android platforms. A rich set of related tools enables the necessary features.


We don’t just develop ecommerce solutions, we create profitable and user-friendly business tools and online stores. Magento website development experts of NEKLO deliver ecommerce solutions across a variety of different industry domains.

Magento is built on PHP and offers great expandability. Through Magento web development and Magento extension development, we help scale ecommerce businesses and provide integrations.

Magento 2 development companies, including NEKLO, admit that the architecture of Magento 2 has been redesigned to comprise all the M1 qualities and offer improved performance.

Shopify development as an alternative for your ecommerce business needs. The solution has its own hosting options, an SSL certificate, and allows for custom CSS and code injections.


The tooling for DevOps adopted at NEKLO is perfectly compiled to help optimize the development time by automating regular tasks, make improvements to the software solution less resource-intensive, and increase its fault tolerance.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a major tool for configuring infrastructure components such as servers and storage systems.

Azure helps us to configure management and maintain an Agile process. Besides, the tool is key for monitoring infrastructure health.

Google Cloud helps deploy cloud applications. We use it to define custom workflows for deploying across multiple environments.

New Relic is great for software analytics. Its main purpose is to help the developers track user interaction paths in the solution.

Zabbix provides metrics monitoring, such as network utilization, CPU load, and other IT environment components in dashboards.

OpsGenie is a flexible rules engine allowing for incorporating an early warning system and alerting into the release processes.

Docker facilitates automatic deployment, organizes the SDLC in a relatively custom manner, and improves infrastructure visibility.

Kubernetes helps to identify software performance bottlenecks and streamline improvement-related tasks and testing.

Jenkins allows for the automation of various software development processes: deployments, autotests, pipelines.

GitHub’s implementation of CI/CD enables us to help organizations adopt new development features, build and test products continuously

Bitbucket collaboration tool rapidly gets teams into the CI/CD world. It connects development and operations with automation and efficiency.

Global Coverage

We provide our services and growth opportunities to the market globally. Customers of NEKLO come from the States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Benelux countries, a number of other European countries, Australia, Switzerland. “The heart” of NEKLO is located in the USA, California. Our development centers are based in Eastern Europe (Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania).

We will be glad to work with you on your project.

Our Expertise in Magento Development

We help ecommerce businesses to successfully adopt new technologies and benefit from the latest Magento ecommerce tools. Startups and established companies turn to NEKLO for a tailored plan on their technological upgrade and digital transformation .

Magento Migration and Upgrade

Update your solution for better performance and security.

Magento Development and Customization

Customize your Magento website, extend and replace default components and widgets.

Custom Theme Development

The modern approach to design is all about making it responsive, convenient, and clear.

Custom Website and Extension Development

Customize your ecommerce website by integrating a custom Magento extension built from scratch.

Custom Magento Functionality

Enrich your software solution with unique functions by introducing custom components.

Custom Magento Integration

Integrate easily with the necessary ecommerce services and third-party tools.

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